Monday, November 3, 2008

the Longcut Airtight Session 2006 & 2007 Mixes

the Longcut Airtight Session 2006 & Mixes 2007

Sound quality is 'A'.

I can't speak about what is coming down the pipe for the Longcut but I do know that all their output up to now has been some of the best output from a current band to date.

Highly recommended

Mp3 audio source: from the Longcut website though I did buy a promo silver cd of select tracks from the Airtight Session but not the full set list appeared on the cd. I'd think if you looked on ebay or gemm you could find one for sale.

Due to mediafires free user policy this post has to be broken up into 2 parts.

Covers created by the Longcut the person who does their art & me

01 Last Act (Airtight Session 2006)
02 Late Night Bus (Airtight Session 2006)
03 Lonesome No More (Airtight Session 2006)
04 Vitamin C (Airtight Session 2006)
05 Spires (Airtight Session 2006)
06 You Are Nothing Without Your Robot Car (Airtight Session 2006)
07 the Kiss Off (Airtight Session 2006)
08 Idiot Check (Airtight Session 2006)
09 Gravity In Crisis (Airtight Session 2006)
10 A Tried & Tested Method (Airtight Session 2006)
11 A Quite Life (Airtight Session 2006)
12 Transition (Airtight Session 2006)
13 Idiot Check (Flash Danz Remix 2007)
14 Holy Funk (Maps Remix 2007)



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