Monday, November 3, 2008

Calla Insound Tour Support Series no22

Calla Insound Tour Support Series no22

Sound quality is 'A'.

A collection of studio & live cuts and various banter.

Insound is a record label, the Tour Support Series is set up in conjunction with a particular tour to help support the band, cds are commonly sold at shows.

Calla are highly recommended.

Mp3 audio source: silver factory cd.

Covers created by whoever does them for the Insound Tour Support Series.

01 Astral
02 Monument
03 Dont Hold Your Breath
04 Pete the Killer
05 Sassari, Italy
06 Tarantula
07 Custom Car Crash
08 Traffic Sound
09 Cagliari, Italy
10 Promenade
11 Tijerina
12 Amsterdam, Netherlands
13 Elsewhere
14 Only Drowning Men
15 Roubaix, France
16 Fear Of Fireflies
17 Slum Creeper
18 Tours, France
19 Awake & Under
20 Long Long Long
21 Harvest Moon
22 Toulouse, France

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dude, fucking awesome.