Thursday, November 13, 2008

Skye44 Sounds Better Live

Skye44 Sounds Better Live

This is my music, I'll get around to uploading all the old stuff, over 249 original songs one day but I must transfer them all from tape so don't hold your breath.

This recording is from 1993, it was done at shimmy disc New York City, and due to the events that followed the DAT recording is not a very clean recording. I did try to remaster it back home in Illinois but without too much luck. The recording volume levels are low and since its only bass guitar may i suggest you 1st turn down your bass level a bit and then you may need to up the volume. This all really depends on how you have your eq/amp set up on your stereo and or pc. Here on my systems it sounds very clear.

As for a category. I have no idea what type of genre or category this music i create is. I'll leave that up to the listener for art really is left up to interpretation to those who see it or hear it.

There are NO overdubs on this recording, i feel if i cant do it live then it's not to be done.

Love and Respect your children, they are counting on it.

Recorded by: Steve Watson

Mp3 source: DAT Master Recording

Covers: Final design by me, photo A.Arkins and art mani ( x - r ) aka Markus. (original .psd lost in pc crash so these are crappy scans)

01 Mephistopheles Dance
02 Society (By Kurt - DRI)
03 Gates Of Mordor
04 the Viking Song
05 the Quest
06 Sunset
07 Chasing the Deamon
08 I Wish I Could Fly
09 Ghost
10 Into the Inovoe
11 Dancing With the Trees
12 the Story


Anonymous said...

Wow this is some inner spirit awakening haunting music. Perfect for those quiet spring and fall moments when seasons are changing and everything feels so timeless in its completeness. Thank you for this wonderful gift of music.


louissyfer said...

wow, thanx for the positive words. I've thought about getting back into playing again. your words are very kind.

thank you