Thursday, November 13, 2008

Skye44 Bewaffneten Kriegerbaum

Skye44 Bewaffneten Kriegerbaum

This is my music, I'll get around to uploading all the old stuff, over 249 original songs one day but I must transfer them all from tape so don't hold your breath.

This recording dates from 1993 through 1998 taken from sessions at my house, there is some tape hiss and the volume is set low. In converting from cassette 4 & 12 track recordings through soundforge on my pc to create .wav files i set the volume perhaps too low. But this can be remedied by uping the volume on your system.

As for a category. I have no idea what type of genre or category this music i create is. I'll leave that up to the listener for art really is left up to interpretation to those who see it or hear it.

There are NO overdubs on this recording except 2 vocal overdubs appearing on tracks 13 & 15

All Bass & Vocals by me as usual, be forewarned I'm no singer and I sing on some tracks.

Love and Respect your children, they are counting on it.

Mp3 source: 4 and 12 Track Recorders Yamaha & Tascam

Covers: by me, back tray photo by TootToot! (original .psd lost in pc crash so these are crappy scans)

01 Incoming Shells
02 Cold Wind & Snow (Wakan Tanka)
03 Why Do They Run
04 Desire's Garden
05 the Night Sky & Forest
06 Old Truth (Valhalla)
07 Cliff & Sun
08 Alle Ritter Haben Verloren
09 Spirit Dance (Ghost Dance)
10 Sky City
11 As I Died I Found the Birds
12 Evening Sky
13 MTV Sucks
14 Death Trail By Night
15 Flight At Last
16 Something To Sleep By (Sleeping Daughter)
17 In My Wake (Funeral Party)
18 Wishful Thinking
19 One Day
20 Tote Soldatengeister
21 This Sadness
22 Lonely Heart
23 Totem Pole
24 Mozart
25 Go Find It
26 May I Walk With You
27 Out Going Shells

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