Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wall Of Voodoo the Good the Bad the Ugly Americans (Rare & Unreleased)

Wall Of Voodoo the Good the Bad the Ugly Americans (Rare & Unreleased)

Sound quality is 'A' & 'B' depending on the track.

Note: due to mediafires free user policy of 100megs per file this will be a 2 zip file post.

Pretty good bootleg compilation, I've seen it under a different name but same stuff, not a complete b sides collection but some rare stuff none the less. Does include my personal favorite version of Back In Flesh from Urgh A Music War. Also includes a lot of songs the band only played live.

Does get into the post Ridgeway period which I never did get into. Once Standard left the band they just lost it to me.

Covers created by unknown.

Mp3 audio source: silver bootleg cd

01 Mexican Radio (Non Album Version)
02 Tomorrow (Live)
03 Call Of the West (Live)
04 Grandmas House (Live)
05 Exercise (Cassette Only Bonus Track)
06 Dance Of Death (Instrumental Live)
07 Ring Of Fire (12in Version)
08 Funzone (Live)
09 Back In Flesh (Urgh A Music War Live)
10 Big Heat (Live)
11 Theres Nothing On This Side
12 Shouldnt Have Given Him A Gun For Xmas
13 Send In the Drugs
14 Room With A View (Demo 1)
15 Robbing Her Own Room
16 Deep In the Jungle (Demo 2)
17 Mexican Radio (Live Metal Version)
18 Maybe Thats Not Her Head
19 Lights Go Out (Pino Demo)
20 Big Rock Finish




yob_tva said...

a lot of folks don't like the prieboy stuff - but i recommend the "psycho-ex game" in which he writes about 'slowly i turn' and some tales from the road.

and anyway didn't stan leave coz of an incident at the us festival involving band member drug usage and pouring liquids on someone?

Anonymous said...

It seems, that link 1 doesn't work.
Could you please fix it?
Thanks very much!!

Richard Grant said...

thanks for this.
the room with a view demo is actually the 7" version which you can get along with the different version of 'big city' here:

Stephen B said...

Totally the truth here. Hands down Wall of Voodoo is my fav artist or band from my school days. But the other records, HAPPY PLANET and SEVEN DAYS IN SAMMYSTOWN - they are cool and so forth but really don't sound a damn thing like a true WOV record. Thanks for these and the 78/79 tracks!

Shane Schmaltz said...

Well i think this blog is dead but if its not the links are dead, i'd at least like a link for exercise