Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Model Army Live Reading Rock Festival Aug 24th 1986

New Model Army Live Reading Rock Festival Aug 24th 1986

Sound quality is 'A', due to how I'm grading these this should prob be slated a 'B+' but this time Robert and Moose are clear and it's Justin that's a bit muffled which makes for an over all better experience for me and I feel a bit bad about all the 'B' grades so thanx to Robert and Moose (which to me the bass and drums was what always made NMA one of the best) we have an 'A'

Mp3 audio source: raw .wavs

Covers created by me, thanx to whoever the original photographer was.

01 633 Squadron Intro
02 Christian Militia
03 Ambition
04 Waiting
05 Heros
06 Liberal Education
07 No Rest
08 Young Gifted & Skint
09 51st State
10 the Hunt
11 Smalltown England
12 We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
13 My Country
14 Great Expectations
15 Betcha


Longy said...

God was this really 1986? I was there for the 3 days. New Order (their 1st last ever gig) on the Friday. The Wedding Present, NMA and The Pogues on the Saturday and the only one I remember from the Sunday was The Mission. Happy days! Massive thanks for posting this one. I'm sure it was later....I must be getting old!

Blink said...

Hey Longy, I think you are talking about the 1989 festival with New Order, the Pogues and The Misson headlining. I think Otto has it one here too. ;-)
Great 3 days, I was there in the mud and rain too!