Monday, November 17, 2008

New Model Army Live Nottingham Rock City (Longest Day Bootleg) April 20th 1987

New Model Army Live Nottingham Rock City (Longest Day Bootleg) April 20th 1987

Sound quality is 'A'. Volume is low but turn it up and we'll call it a clean 'A' & seeing as how this is the famous Longest Day Bootleg how could I rate it anything else but.

Here we have the song "Fate" which didn't get put on vinyl (or cd for the kiddies) until the Love Of Hopeless Causes album, making for quite a history to this track. Means NMA was touring this song for at least 5 years and 3 albums before they committed it to master tape, quite interesting indeed. I don't know myself, not being there on that day I often wonder if it wasn't added to the master .wav set by accident by the original source.

Due to mediafire's free user policy this is a 2 part post

Mp3 audio source: raw .wavs

Covers created by me, thanx to whoever the original photographer was.

01 Fate
02 I Love the World
03 My Country
04 Lights Go Out
05 Notice Me
06 the Hunt
07 Running In the Rain
08 Waiting
09 Love Songs
10 the Charge
11 125 MPH
12 Frightened
13 Great Expectations
14 Adrenalin
15 Trust
16 51st State
17 Smalltown England
18 Poison Street
19 There's A Ghost In My House / Betcha




Sam, Sam the drummer man said...

At the end of Fate, Justin says "we'll finish with this, like always...I love the world" so this along with the extended feedback after said song would suggest the first two tracks are indeed from a different gig.

Thanks a lot for posting these!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the NMA bootography, you're filling some nice gaps for me. You also seem to feel as strongly about The Fall as I do as well - chalk and cheese but both top of my list.

thedane said...

Thanks a lot for these NMA bootlegs. Good stuff! It is greatly appriciated!

louissyfer said...

Sam, I fully agree, always wondered if maybe it was the last 2 songs 1st but again I wasn't there so I don't know, I do think its great how he invites all down to the from for some futball!

anon, yes i love the fall, stay tuned I have a slew of Fall bootlegs to post.


thanx for the thanx

Anonymous said...

Hi there, part one is broken, could You fix it? And - even more important - when will You ever come back? ;-)