Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Model Army Live Reading University Feb 16th 1989

New Model Army Live Reading University Feb 16th 1989

Sound quality is 'C+/B-'. I don't know, sounds like a 'C' but feels like an 'A+', I get the feeling the boys were on fire this night, wish the source files were of better quality. Besides I've never personally known NMA to give a 'C' performance, always an 'A+' from my experience.

Mp3 audio source: raw .wavs

Two part post due to mediafires free user policy (at least they have one)

Covers created by me, thanx to whoever the original photographer was.

01 Heros
02 the Charge
03 Stupid Questions
04 225
05 Christian Militia
06 Notice Me
07 Green & Grey
08 Ballad Of Bodmin Pill
09 Inheritance
10 White Coats

01 Family Life
02 51st State
03 I Love the World
04 Archway Towers
05 Vagabonds
06 Family
07 Love Songs
08 No Rest
09 Small Town England
10 Poison Street
11 Betcha



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Can you PLEASE reaupload the second part of this show??