Monday, November 24, 2008

New Model Army the Shot Between the Eyes Vol 02 (Live & Demos)

New Model Army the Shot Between the Eyes Vol 02 (Live & Demos)

Sound quality is 'A'.

This is a 2 part post.

Second installment of the 3 cd set. Couple more of the unissued Morrow demos, some also found on my 'I Believe' collection.

Demos, any drop outs are in the source.

Mp3 audio source: silver bootleg cd

Covers created by the person who did the boot.

01 Christian Militia (Live London Lyceum 6-10-1984)
02 Notice Me (Live London Lyceum 6-10-1984)
03 Young Gifted & Skint (Live London Lyceum 6-10-1984)
04 the Price (Live London Lyceum 6-10-1984)
05 A Lib Edu (Live London Lyceum 6-10-1984)
06 Bittersweet (Live London Lyceum 6-10-1984)
07 Vengeance (Live London Lyceum 6-10-1984)
08 Running In the Rain (Live London Lyceum 6-10-1984)
09 Spirit Of the Falklands (Live London Lyceum 6-10-1984)
10 Smalltown England (Live London Lyceum 6-10-1984)
11 Betcha (Live London Lyceum 6-10-1984)
12 Young Gifted & Skint (Demo 1983)
13 History (Leave Us Alone (Demo 1983)
14 Eleven Years (Demo 1989)
15 Grandmothers Footsteps (Live Rotterdam 9-22-1984)
16 Green & Grey (Live Soundcheck 1989)
17 No Rest (Live Telford 09-1986)
18 Stupid Questions (Demo 1987)
19 Vengeance (Live Rotterdam 9-22-1984)
20 Modern Times (Big Guitars In Little Europe Tour Barn Theater Southwick 12-18-1993)




Anonymous said...

Hi there

I can't get part 2 of this to download properly. Any chance of looking into?


louissyfer said...

I just checked it, it downloads fine here. let me know if you still have issues

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled across your fabulous site. I can't seem to download Pt 1 of the Shot Between The Eyes Vol 02 demos - it says it's no longer on the site - can you re-up it?
Thanks in advance,

Anonymous said...

Hello again,
I still can't get Vol 2 Part 1 to download - any chance you can sort this so I can complete the set?