Thursday, November 6, 2008

Modern English Drowning Man, Demos & Peel Sessions

Modern English Drowning Man, Demos & Peel Sessions

Sound quality is ''... various:

1979 Demos B
Peel Session 1980 A (minus) (sounds like you're in front of the radio with the bass up)
Peel Session 1981 B (way too bassy)
Drowning Man 7in A - I have this 7in and this rip sounds pretty good.

Modern English was a pretty respectable band in the college/new wave/post punk scene so why the Peel Sessions have never had a proper is a criminal offense I'll never understand, if I had the original source tapes I'd clean them up get a hold of 4ad, beggars & the band and issue them myself.

Mp3 audio source: silver bootleg cdr.

Covers created by the human who put together the cd.

01 2001 (Demo 1979)
02 Coming From You (Demo 1979)
03 Feel It (Demo 1979)
04 the Plunge (Demo 1979)
05 Sitting (Demo 1979)
06 Silent World (Demo 1979)
07 16 Days (Peel Session 11-11-1980)
08 Black Houses (Peel Session 11-11-1980)
09 Mesh & Lace (Peel Session 11-11-1980)
10 A Viable Commercial (Peel Session 11-11-1980)
11 Someones Calling (Peel Session 07-10-1981)
12 Face Of Wood (Peel Session 07-10-1981)
13 Being Peeled (Peel Session 07-10-1981)
14 Drowning Man (Drowning Man 7in Aside 1979)
15 Silent World (Drowning Man 7in Bside 1979)


Marko-V said...

Thanks. I just recently found this band and I just fell in love with their song Gathering Dust.

louissyfer said...

gathering dust is a great great song, one of my favs