Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Model Army State Of Mind (Demos Rarities & Live In Germany 1988-90)

New Model Army State Of Mind (Demos Rarities & Live In Germany 1988-90)

Sound quality is 'A/B'.

Do NOT confuse this with "This Is For the Fans Not the Militia" vinyl bootleg, though very similar at the same time very different, I own both so I can testify to this if need be. The difference being the live tracks, completely different sets, once I get around to ripping my vinyl "This Is For the Fans" will be on top of the list.

I'm prett sure that Rotterdam, Bisquithalle & Philipshalle are incomplete shows, if anyone has the complete shows in like quality please get in touch.

Mp3 audio source: silver cd bootleg

This is a 2 part post.

Covers created by the person who created them for the bootleg.

01 Notice Me (Early Demo)
02 Leave Us Alone (aka History) (Early Demo)
03 Fashion (Early Demo)
04 Bittersweet / Betcha (Early Demo)
05 Interview / Vengeance (Live Rotterdam 09-22-1984)
06 Sex (Live Rotterdam 09-22-1984)
07 Grandmas Footsteps (Live Rotterdam 09-22-1984)
08 Heroes (Live Bisquithalle Bonn 10-25-1988)
09 Poison Street (Live Bisquithalle Bonn 10-25-1988)
10 Drag It Down (Live Philipshalle 04-16-1990)
11 Waiting (Live Philipshalle 04-16-1990)
12 A Liberal Education (Live Philipshalle 04-16-1990)
13 Vagabonds (Live Philipshalle 04-16-1990)
14 125 mph (Live Philipshalle 04-16-1990)
15 Archway Towers (Live Philipshalle 04-16-1990)
16 Better Than Them (Live Philipshalle 04-16-1990)
17 Green & Grey (Live Philipshalle 04-16-1990)




Alternative bootlegs said...

Thanks mate.
This is for the fans would be ace.

SteelPaperT said...

AWSOME. Many Thanx. Brought those cool gigs right back