Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Model Army Betrayal (Demos 1987 - 1998)

New Model Army Betrayal (Demos 1987 - 1998)

Sound quality is 'A'.

I don't know what year this was put together but I got a copy in 2002, Hero's is on here so I figure this is really from 1985/84 - 1998 (or later) but when I got this it came labeled demos 1985 - 1998 so I kept the title intact.

the House Of Dolls zine 7in version of 125mph (Harmonica Mix) is included, I remember seeking it out all excited and put on the wax and really, all it has is more harmonica, so as good as the song is don;t get your hopes up for an a completely different version, not like the reggae version of Stupid Questions on 'Space 12in', which is an awesome version by the way.

In many ways this is kind of like another Thunder & Consolation demos collection with some added odds & sods, which is in no way a bad thing. The demos here in are of better quality, perhaps just recorded further along in the albums process.

Mp3 audio source: cdr

Covers created by me, thanx to whoever the original photographer was.

01 I Love the World (Demo)
02 125mph (Demo)
03 Deadeye (Demo)
04 Green & Grey (Demo)
05 Stupid Questions (Demo)
06 Vagabonds (Demo)
07 225 (Demo)
08 Inheritance (Demo)
09 Poem (Demo)
10 Chinese Whispers (Demo)
11 125mph (Harmonica Mix) (House Of Dolls 7in Comp)
12 Green & Grey (Live Soundcheck)
13 Betrayal (Instrumental Demo)
14 Heros (Instrumental Demo)
15 Brother (Demo)

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