Monday, November 24, 2008

New Model Army the Shot Between the Eyes Vol 01 (Live & Demos)

New Model Army the Shot Between the Eyes Vol 01 (Live & Demos)

Sound quality is 'A'.

This is a 2 part post.

Between - 1981 i believe (sessions): 1981 live keighley uk 09-14-1981: 1982-1984 fashion demos and the three volume set the Shot Between the eyes we have all known Stuart Morrow songs NOT put to an lp. When you hear a lot of them it's almost a crime that they never got a proper recording and release, but we do have these. There could very well be more out there, if there are please drop and line and set up a way to share.

It has been said to me by a few people that tracks 19 through 23 are Stuart Morrow demos and are said to be from the last recording sessions, I've never heard if there were more, if there are please get in touch.

Regardless this gives us some insite to what NMAs next lp was going to sound like with Stuart, though knowing NMA the tracks recorded herein might not have seen the light of day regardless of if they would have made it or not it's still awesome to hear the songs.

Demos, any drop outs are in the source.

Mp3 audio source: silver bootleg cd

Covers created by the person who did the boot.

01 Bittersweet (Live London 09-19-1982)
02 Bradford Lights (Live London 09-19-1982)
03 History (Live London 09-19-1982)
04 Betcha (Live London 09-19-1982)
05 A Lib Edu (Live London 09-19-1982)
06 I Wish (Live London 09-19-1982)
07 Fashion (Live London 09-19-1982)
08 Great Expectations (Live London 09-19-1982)
09 New Model Army (Demo 1981)
10 Betcha (Demo 1981)
11 Paralysed (Demo 1981)
12 Tension (Demo 1982)
13 New Frontiers (Demo 1981)
14 Fashion (Demo 1982)
15 No Greater Love (Demo 1984)
16 Living A Lie (Demo 1981)
17 I Believe (Demo 1981)
18 No Mans Land (Demo 1982)
19 the Gift (Demo 1985)
20 Ballad 2 (Demo 1985)
21 Higher Wall (Demo 1985)
22 London (Demo 1985)
23 ACAB (Demo 1985)
24 the Price (Demo 1982)




Moose said...

Tracks 19 to 22 are me. track 23 is either me or nelson, depending which version this is. i think it's me to be honest.

19 is called FBM, which stood for fuckin' bastard massive, and was recorded at brian johnson's studio in newcastle by mond cowie, who named the track, because that's how it sounded to him. it was done over 2 days, along with courage, which ended up on the back of poison street.

justin had taken a leave of absence from the band, so robert and i went to the studio without him. he turned up on the second day, right at the end, having driven from bradford in a blizzard. he wrote lyrics, recorded his vocals and left again.

20 and 21 are from the first sawmill session in 1988, the second bunch of recordings for T&C, and these were rejects. higher wall was something i wrote which robert could never get his head around and find a rhythm that fit properly so we abandoned it, but not until we'd done another version at the manor, which i think made it onto one of those EMI lost songs albums.

22 and 23 were done at loco in wales between christmas and new year of 1988, and were the first demos for impurity. there are other tracks from this session, but i don't know who has a copy.

i didn't enjoy the session or the stuff that came out of it. i had a thought that if this was the way things were going, then maybe it was time to move on, but T&C hadn't been released, so i still had that tour to do. these were my last recordings with the band.

Anonymous said...

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