Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ruby Throat Live At the Woom Sept 22nd 2007

Ruby Throat Live At the Woom Sept 22nd 2007

Sound quality is 'A'.

This is a rip of the actual dvd the Woom bootlegged of the performance that Ruby Throat gave at the closing of Katie's art exhibition. It includes a small tour of the exhibition itself, which I honestly thought would be much more in depth and was expecting some stills/photos. Then at the end there is a small segment of interviews done of the audience after the show. I didn't include the interviews.

From my understanding Woom did not include the full set for this dvd. Which as grateful as I am to have been able to order this, it's a bit upsetting to not find more of Katie's art exhibition and Ruby Throat's full gig set with how much Woom charged to buy this bootleg. Last I knew Ruby Throat wasn't getting paid by Woom for this but they were discussing terms, pushing the shipping date back about 2 months, since I and others received their dvd's I can only hope that Katie and Chris got paid by Woom for this dvd.

if anyone has this full gig please get in touch, thanx.

Covers created by me, thanx to whoever the original photographer was.

Mp3 audio source: dvd

01 Rubylalleshwari (Intro) (not live)
02 Naked Ruby
03 House Of Thieves
04 Dear Daniel
05 Ghost Boy
06 the Ventriloquist
07 Swan & Minotaur (Troubled Man)


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