Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pegboy Live At Fireside Bowl Chicago 2000

Pegboy Live At Fireside Bowl Chicago 2000

Sound quality is 'B'.

Great show from Pegboy infront of the hometown crowd. Set list could have been stronger but it's still a good shoiw. They even close out with a later day Naked Raygun song.

They're not the Effigies or Naked Raygun but have a spot in Chicago punk all the same, with members from Naked Raygun and Bhopal Stiffs it's almost a Chicago punk super group.

No covers for this since my source for this is mp3. Image used here from by unknown photographer.

Mp3 audio source: mp3

01 My Youth
02 Never A Question
03 Hardlight
04 Strong Reaction
05 Dog Dog
06 Method
07 Field Of Darkness
08 Not What I Want
09 Through My Fingers
10 Revolver
11 Superstar
12 Locomotivelung
13 Time Again
14 Dangermare
15 You Fight Like A Little Girl
16 Walk On By
17 Treason


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