Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wall Of Voodoo Live BBC College Concert #20 1983 aka Dance Of Death

Wall Of Voodoo Live BBC College Concert #20 1983 aka Dance Of Death

Sound quality is 'A'.

some references say this was record in London but mine says "Live El Macambo Toronto Canada". Also theres 2 possible date, it's either June 2nd 1983 or Frb 6th 1983, mine states June 2nd.

Covers created by the original bootleg company and myself.

Mp3 audio source: silver bootleg cd

01 Call Box (1-2-3)
02 Animal Day
03 Lost Weekend
04 Call Of The West
05 Factory
06 On Interstate 15
07 Cant Make Love
08 Tomorrow
09 the Passenger
10 Longarm
11 Ring Of Fire
12 Mexican Radio
13 Back In Flesh


Anonymous said...

This is from the BBC College Concert series (#20). The two incorrect dates often claimed for this show, 2/6/1983 and 6/2/1983, apparently come from the fact that the cue sheet that accompanied the LP distributed to subscribing radio stations reads "LONDON WAVELENGTH'S BROADCAST WEEK OF FEBRUARY 6, 1983."

The concert was actually recorded on 15 November, 1982, at the El Mocambo in Toronto.

Anonymous said...

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