Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wall Of Voodoo Live US Festival May 28th 1983

Wall Of Voodoo Live US Festival May 28th 1983

Sound quality is 'B', kind of 'A' but we'll call it 'B' to be on the safe side.

Includes the rare Funzone, a track that wasn't ever put on an official release and all sources I know of are live. Includes 2 different sources.

Covers created by me, thanx to the original photographer.

Mp3 audio source: cdr of 1st generation .wavs

01 Ring Of Fire
02 Call Box
03 Animal Day
04 Lost Weekend
05 Back In Flesh
06 Funzone
07 Funzone (Alt Source)
08 Mexican Radio
09 Tomorrow
10 Call Of the West


binkerbo said...

Cool! Thanks for the memories.

DJ Useo said...

Thanks much for the wov posts.
I bought all the records but always wanted more.
The only live one I ever bought was really awful audience recording.

Anonymous said...

The Ugly Americans live in Melborne, Australia-is one of the best W.O.V. concerts available on C.D. It has Andy Prieboy doing the best he can to fill the orignial lead singers positio; the notorious Stanard Ridgway.