Monday, October 20, 2008

Ruby Throat Days Of Calm And Clouds Of Feathers

Ruby Throat Days Of Calm And Clouds Of Feathers

Sound quality is 'A'.

Various demos, live and an interview, a collection put together by myself for no reason other than to have all them in one nice tiddy place (can you say obsess much?, why yes, yes I can thank you)

If any kind soul has the full version of the "Live On A Train Session In France" please get in touch. This version of Pretty Polly is truly amazing, I would love a better quality and full version of the session.

Track 01 found it's way onto the 3rd pressing of the Ventriloquist, but the version used here in this compilation was given away to those who signed up for Ruby Throat's mailing list through a download link. If you'd like to be on that list or buy the cd please visit the link below.

Covers created by me, thanx to whoever the original photographer was.

Mp3 audio source: mixed sources including, 1st generation raw .wavs & mp3.

01 Consuelas Neut (Live Studio Recording 2008)
02 Ghost Boy (Demo 2006)
03 House Of Thieves (Demo 2006)
04 Salto Angel (Demo 2006)
05 Match Stick Girl (Demo 2007)
06 Ventriloquist (Demo 2007)
07 Naked Ruby (Live At Woom 09-22-07)
08 Pretty Polly (Live Train Session France 2008)
09 KatieJane Interview (Paris 2008)


Miss/Monster said...

hi, i dont know if your interested but i ripped the Pretty Polly train session from the video, im not sure if thats the same version you have but if your interested i can email it to you?

also thought i'd tell you that you can rip audio from videos using "free music zilla" thats how i get music from videos at RKST and such video sites.

thanks so much for putting all the Katie Jane audio up :)


Miss/Monster said...

ooooh im terribly sorry, i just tried to play the file i mentioned in the first comment and its unplayable....damn *blush*