Saturday, October 11, 2008

Queen Adreena Live London April 22nd 2003

Queen Adreena Live London April 22nd 2003

Sound quality is 'C'. Volume is low this could be rated 'B', when it was given to me it was mentioned it was 'B' quality, but with most things my standards seem to be a bit more strict than most.

Note (1) This is not a complete show Track 05 actually endes and picks up with Siamese Almeida, I left it in there for completeness sake. I can only assume from other track lists that there are at least 5 more songs in this set list, if anyone has the complete show please get in touch, thanx.

Note (2) Again we see more tracks on this boot that wouldn't appear on an album until 2005 (track 02 - 04).

Note (3) This is sourced from a vid.

Covers created by me, thanx to whoever the original photographer was.

Mp3 audio source: 1st generation raw .wavs

01 F.M. Doll
02 In Red
03 Wolverines
04 Blackspring Rising
05 Pull Me UNder (excerpt)
06 Pretty Polly

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