Saturday, October 11, 2008

Queen Adreena Live (Various Sources 2002 - 2004)

Queen Adreena Live (Various Sources 2002 - 2004)

Sound quality is 'A'.

Note: This was created by me with the idea to distribute it freely to help promote the release of the Butcher and the Butterfly. None of the sources are from any bootlegs I own, I was lucky enough at the time to receive some sourced material from a friend in Euroland, cleaned up my fav tracks and set out to help the band. I sent copies to people only in the US and Brazil, I don't know if doing this helped the band out, I can only hope that it did.

Covers created by me, thanx to whoever the original photographer was.

Mp3 audio source: 1st generation raw .wavs

01 Ascending Stars
02 Blackspring Rising
03 In Red
04 Join the Dots
05 Medicine Jar
06 Princess Carwash
07 Pull Me Under
08 Seven Sins
09 Suck
10 Wolverines
11 Yesterdays Hymn

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