Wednesday, October 29, 2008

the Fall Scherzo Schist (Rarities Bootleg)

the Fall Scherzo Schist (Rarities Bootleg)

Sound quality is 'A'.

Note: due to mediafires free user policy of 100megs per file this will be a 2 zip file post. Total post size is 102megs. lol.

As per the unofficial Fall website (used to be the official):
A mysterious CD called Scherzo Schist has found its way into select mailboxes (not mine, needless to say). At least three Fall forumers have scored a copy. I believe a generous eBay seller is sending it to his Fall customers. The tracks according to Emzical with updates in italics.

Well I also got one so sorry people, I got this and King Of Moscow Road (Rarities Bootleg) on the same day from someone I don't know. No return address or anything just a postal stamp from the UK.

Now in all fairness I'm a Fall supporter big time, have almost all the pressings on vinyl (even the new shit) and on cd and on reissued cd and in some cases re reissued cd. I generally say "Fuck" when I hear MES is re issuing something because I know I'll sell even your mother to be able to afford it.

So when I got these in a mail I kinda thought that maybe MES sent them to me in thanx for all the support over the years. Well as daft as that sounds it makes me laugh.

Covers created by me.

Mp3 audio source: silver cd bootleg

01 In the park (Acklam Hall)
02 Man whose head expanded (live) [PBL video version]
03 Couldn't get ahead (live) [The version on the 'VHS8489' video]
["Good evening we are The Fall and we are from the first world]
04 US 80's 90's (live). (What's That Noise 7", also on Backdrop)
05 Kimble [standard] (peel session)
06 Why are people grudgeful? [more funky, more upbeat version. 12" mix?]
07 Noel's chemical effluence (27 Points)
08 Crying Marshall (Filthy Three mix from F'Oldin Money single #2)
09 Powder Keg (Version) (0161 compilation)
10 Spencer Must Die (Peel session)
11 Beatle Bones [Peel session '96, Beefheart cover]
12 Touch Sensitive (Peel Session version)
13 Inch [the main version from the cd single]
14 Calendar (from Masquerade double lp)
15 Das Katerer (Post Nearly Man version)
16 Two Librans (demo) (voiceprint ltd giveaway cd and one sided 7in)
17 Blindness/Blindman (voiceprint ltd giveaway cd promo)
18 Life just bounces (In the City) (same as A World Bewitched)




Fat Reg said...

Thanks for all the great Fall stuff!

Anonymous said...

For the track 4...
The Backdrop and What's That Noise versions are not the same. This one is the Backdrop version.

Cherie said...