Wednesday, October 29, 2008

CSS (Cansei De Ser Sexy) North American 2006 Tour CD

CSS (Cansei De Ser Sexy) North American 2006 Tour CD

Sound quality is 'A'.

Cansei De Ser Sexy in english means "Tired Of Being Sexy".

5 sexy ladies and 1 guy, lucky guy.

This cd comes from various sources, put together in an effort to help generate support for the band so people would go out and see them on their 2006 USA tour.

CSS did a few eps in their native Brazil before issuing anything anywhere else some of this material comes from those. Here's to hoping they actually reissue those in full one day.

Track 06 came from a different source that I wont post due to those songs all still being avalible, but I included it here. Hence it isnt listed on the artwork.

Covers created by me, thanx to whoever the original photographer was.

Mp3 audio source: 1st generation raw .wavs

01 Odio Odio Odio Sorry C
02 I Wanna Be Your J Lo
03 One Way Or Another-Teenage Kicks
04 Off the Hook (Live Acoustic)
05 Pony Money Honey (Live Acoustic)
06 Alcohol Failed Rehab

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Anonymous said...

nice, i saw them on this tour but didn't see this for sale.

thanks for sharing this and I agree, let's hope they do reissue all their early eps here in the states.