Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wall Of Voodoo Take Me To Your Leader (the 78 & 79 Demos)

Wall Of Voodoo Take Me To Your Leader (the 1978 & 1979 Demos)

Sound quality is 'B', granted a nice clear 'B'.

WoV originally wanted to make music for sci fi, b movies and porn movies. So here are the 1978 & 1979 demos, at this time they were trying to come out of the movie music phase and into a more band element. You can hear aspects of songs that later became WoV
classics and you can also hear how one might want to put some of this stuff into a sci fi horror b movie.

Covers created by unknown.

Mp3 audio source: silver cd bootleg

01 Take Me To Your Leader (1978)
02 Do the Doink (1978)
03 Wargasm (1978)
04 Test Tube Baby (1978)
05 Invisible Man (1978)
06 Question Marks (1978)
07 Take Me Yo Your Leader (1979)
08 the Passenger (1979)
09 You Do Anything You Want (1979)
10 Invisible Man (1979)
11 Ring Of Fire (1979)


Erick said...

Incredible!, I was looking for that recordings for long time, thank you!

bikeboy said...

Thanks so much for this one - been searching for it for a long time!

neicee said...

Howdy, I am King Richard. I am actually the one who put this cd together. Been floating around for about 10 years. Ok, about the cd.

1. The cover came from a DJ copy of the first EP. If you look close you can see VOODOO in the top right under what is a type written Bio page to the DJ (to play what songs & a bio to talk about the band). The figure being stabbed with a spear was on the original letter. WALL OF VOODOO TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER was not..This DJ EP was actually sold on EBAY.

2. I got the demos originally on a cassette tape many moons ago.(the band used to throw cassette copies out to the audience) Originally when I got my copy of the demos, they were recorded to fast. I have a friend named John who has a music studio that got the tempo fixed up right & tried to clear up the sound.It was pretty bad to begin with, he made it actually sound better. On the Cassette Tape it was more of a C- to D+ quality.

3. John gave a copy to Marc (the late guitar player) & I gave one to Stan (the lead singer) Stan said he had forgotten about these.

4. If you go to he has WARGASM up to download. He has all sorts of other goodies to download.