Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Social Distortion Live Fairfax VA 1996 (Radio Broadcast)

Social Distortion Live Fairfax VA 1996 (Radio Broadcast)

Sound quality is 'A'.

Another short set list from the band, so I don't know if the radio station cut out parts of the show of if that was their set list within their time block. Anyone knows, drop a line.

Track 3 you can hear Mikes feeling on the current state of "punk rock" 1996, I wonder what he thinks now, commercialized "rebellion" has made me a bit pist off since the late 80s. A sentiment that seems to be echoed by others from my generation who took part in what is called "old school". Rock on Mike, fuck the kiddies and the made in china fashion outlets.

I know the flyer I used for the cover image is from a show for 2005 but it's too nice not to use.

Mp3 audio source: mp3 (radio broadcast WHFS)

Covers (single image-itunes/winamp) created by me, thanx original photographer. Flier came from Social D's webshite

01 Dont Drag Me Down
02 Untitled
03 Another State Of Mind
04 Mommys Little Monster
05 I Was Wrong
06 Dear Lover
07 Cold Feelings


Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Cheers for this one. Great blog, as for the NMA stuff, fuck...were do I start, a new hard drive maybe. I don't suppose you've got a copy of either of the two gigs they did at Bowes Lyon in Stevenage one in 84 and other 85 if I remember? I didn't see 'em amongst the ones you've posted, i don't think. Keep on blogging in the free world. I'll link you up to my blog.

louissyfer said...

thanx, no I dont have those shows but I may come across them, if I do they'll be up here. nice blog yourself, linkage back