Monday, December 22, 2008

Crass 1977 - 1979 Demos

Crass 1977 - 1979 demos

Sound quality is 'A'. Varies a bit but all high quality

Mp3 audio source: mp3

Covers (single image-itunes/winamp) created by me, thanx original photographer.

01 Corny Blackbirds
02 Lost Youth
03 Do They Owe Us A Living
04 Whos Side Are You On
05 Nothing To Learn
06 I
07 Look Around
08 Revolution In My Back Yard
09 Take
10 Punk Is Dead
11 Revolution For Money
12 1-2-3-4
13 Murderer
14 Fight War Not Wars
15 Rapture Rapture
16 Shaved Women
17 What Do You Want


Anonymous said...

not a comment relating to Crass - have you got any Daisychainsaw boots to share? I saw them a couple of times, first time really was one ofmy best ever gigs (Gander on the green, bournemouth summer 1991). I wonder if Richard Adams is missing Woolies as much as the rest of us?

louissyfer said...

yes i do but they're on cassette from the soundboards and I've not gotten around to encoding to a digital format, I meant to do them a few weeks ago but didn't get to them.

I do plan on working on them and a few other cassettes in the next week or 2 ..

topper said...

this one isn't working.....strange