Friday, December 19, 2008

the Fall Country On the Click (Original Pulled Mix)

the Fall Country On the Click (Original Pulled Mix)

Sound quality is 'A'.

For those who don't know the reason that the lp was named "the New Real Fall lp Formerly Country On the Click" was that the original miz of the lp was leaked over the interent before it was pressed. This inturn pist off MES enough to pull the lp and re record the whole thing, and I for one am glad he did.

This would have been a really good album as is, nothing to special but solid, but what came out of the whole situation was one of my tp 5 Fall albums.

The re recorded UK and USA versions are even different mixes of the songs so in essence if like me you bought both you got pretty much 2 different lps, sorta. My fav version being the USA final mix that was issued. Here we find a coupla tracks dropped off the album and see a 3rd track listing for the lp (the final UK & USA version vary slightly)

So to make for a complete set and to get the base understanding behind what became some great songs I give you the original mix of Country On the click.

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Covers created original artist text added by me.

01 Theme From Sparta FC
02 Protein Protection
03 Mountain Energei
04 Contraflow
05 Green Eyed Loco Man
06 Last Commands Of Xralothep Viames
07 Boxoctosis
08 Ho(e)uston
09 the Fast
10 Recovery Kit
11 Mikes Love Xexag
12 Susan Vs Youthclub


Anonymous said...

Great to hear this pulled mix . Sounds a little mellower than the other version (understandably). Tremendously enjoyable though . Many thanks Leo .

Novemberer said...

Great stuff. Sounds fine to me as it is! Many thanks, etc...

Anonymous said...

any chance of getting this one reuploaded? missed it first time round, thanks

Mr_Crass said...

Is it possible to re-up? Can't find anywhere else.

jpchabot said...

hi Thanks for all these great recordings.
A re-up of Country On The Click would be fabulous...