Friday, December 19, 2008

the Fall Live Boston WFNX March 12th 1988

the Fall Live Boston WFNX March 12th 1988

Sound quality is 'A'.

Mp3 audio source: mp3-> radio broadcast

2 part post

Covers (single image-itunes/winamp) created by me, thanx original photographer.

01 Cab It Up
02 Get A Hotel
03 Tuff Life Boogie
04 Hit the North
05 Frenz
06 2x4
07 Victoria
08 Kurious Oranj
09 Pay Your Rates
10 LA
11 Markll Sink Us
12 Bremen Nacht
13 Guest Informant
14 US 80s 90s




schlep said...

This was my first Fall concert..I remember seeing Mark E. and the band walk through the back door of the club during Luxuria's set - they looked like a gang of petty criminals!
Thanks so much for posting this, and all the Queenadreena stuff.

louissyfer said...

Nice, something tells me that would make MES proud <;-) and rightfully so.

Stefan said...

If this has the end of L.A. missing it's sourced from my FM recording. I've never come across a 100% complete copy.

I missed the Channel gig to stay at home and record it off the radio, but saw them the previous night at Northeastern University.

That photo wasn't taken at the Channel but at the HMV in-store appearance in London, same year.

louissyfer said...

stefan, if you post4ed this to usenet its your source if not its not yours plain and simple.