Friday, December 19, 2008

the Fall Live On the Wireless (Non Peel Radio Sessions)

the Fall Live On the Wireless (Non Peel Radio Sessions)

Sound quality is 'A'.

When BBC and MES got together to issue the John Peel Sessions in a nicely done box set people decided to get together and compile the non Peel radio sessions. Here they are, I've no idea if this is a complete set if there are any NON Peel sessions one may have not posted herein please get in touch.

Mp3 audio source: mp3 (different sources = varying kbrates)

Covers (single image-itunes/winamp) created by me, thanx original photographer.

I never made "audio cds" out of these but they were broken out into "cds" so this will be a 3 part post, each part labled "cd01 .+.-> "

01 Lay Of he Land (David Jansen Session Unknown Date)
02 God Box (David Jansen Session Unknown Date)
03 Oh Brother (David Jansen Session Unknown Date)
04 C.R.E.E.P. (David Jansen Session Unknown Date)
05 Stephen Song (Janice Long Session 1 Unknown Date)
06 No Bulbs (Janice Long Session 1 Unknown Date)
07 Draygos Guilt (Janice Long Session 1 Unknown Date)
08 Slang King (Janice Long Session 1 Unknown Date)
09 Copped It (Saturday BBC Live 09-29-1984)
10 Elves (Saturday BBC Live 09-29-1984)
11 Fortress / Marquis Cha Cha (Saturday BBC Live 09-29-1984)
12 Interview (Saturday BBC Live 09-29-1984)

01 Frenz (Janice Long Session 2 05-19-1987)
02 Get A Hotel (Janice Long Session 2 05-19-1987)
03 Ghost In My House (Janice Long Session 2 05-19-1987)
04 Haf Found Bormann (Janice Long Session 2 05-19-1987)
05 In These Times (Picadilly Radio Session 02-25-1988)
06 Carry Bag Man (Picadilly Radio Session 02-25-1988)
07 Cab It Up (Picadilly Radio Session 02-25-1988)
08 Oswald Defense Lawyer (Picadilly Radio Session 02-25-1988)
09 Glam Racket (Mark Goodier Session 05-17-1993)
10 War (Mark Goodier Session 05-17-1993)
11 15 Ways (Mark Goodier Session 05-17-1993)
12 A Past Gone Mad (Mark Goodier Session 05-17-1993)

01 Fit & Working Again (Dutch Session 05-17-1981)
02 Fantastic Life (Dutch Session 05-17-1981)
03 New Face In Hell (Dutch Session 05-17-1981)
04 Shake Off (XFM Session 04-15-1999)
05 F'oldin Money (XFM Session 04-15-1999)
06 Jet Boy (XFM Session 04-15-1999)
07 Touch Sensitive (XFM Session 04-15-1999)
08 Antidotes (XFM Session 04-15-1999)
09 10 Houses Of Eve (XFM Session 04-15-1999)
10 Inevitable (XFM Session 04-15-1999)
11 This Perfect Day (XFM Session 04-15-1999)





Andy T said...

Thanks for this , looks great. The Sessions on Disc 1 are David Jensen - 19 February 1984. Janice Long - 9 September 1984. These are the recording dates rather than the broadcast dates. Cheers for now, Andy T

louissyfer said...

thanx for the info Andy, I figured they were both from 84 but that was about all I could gather.

Anonymous said...

Thanks it great ... For me it - happy ! )

markp said...

thanks for all the fall stuff, ..., much appreciated

sike said...

what is the password for the zips?

sike said...

ok i unzipped em -but i had to re-download them first.
Thanks very much for this compilation.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if it's something I've done wrong, but many of these tracks are full of glitches and squeaks. There doesn't seem to be any other complaints so it may be something I'm doing. Thanks for putting all The Fall stuff up anyway.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous David:

Nothing you're doing. There do seems to be a number of weird sound artifacts thru many of these tracks. Bummer.