Monday, December 8, 2008

Justin Sullivan & Friends Live San Francisco May 19th 2004

Justin Sullivan & Friends Live San Francisco May 19th 2004

Sound quality is 'A'.

Picking up from the European tour and in an effort to tour the USA but keep the costs

down to be able to afford coming over Justin packed a bit of gear the Deans and came

over as an "acoustic" stripped down outfit called Justin Sullivan & Friends.

There must have been some nutter in the crowd because on cd01 tracks 10 & 11 have some interesting banter, Ive been to shows at bars where the bar isn't appreciated by everyone in the establishment so I know how badly it makes one want to punch someone in the head, some times you just have to go with your feelings.

Mp3 audio source: raw .wavs

2cds ='s a 2 part post

Covers created by me, thanx to whoever the original photographer was.

01 Before I Get Old
02 All Of This
03 Heros
04 Lights Go Out
05 Lust For Power
06 Ocean Rising
07 Masters Of War
08 Snelsmore Wood
09 You Werent There
10 These Words
11 the Attack

01 Ballad Of Bodmin Pill
02 No Sense
03 Long Goodbye
04 If You Cant Save Me
05 Lovesongs
06 Here Comes the War
07 Green & Grey
08 Gimme Shelter
09 Inheritance / Wipeout
10 225




John Liedown said...

Some of these solo Justin shows are just so fuckin good! Thanks so much for this stuff.
Fantastic. Top fella.

purplerainingblood said...

Saw this tour in Virginia. JS actually stopped a song mid-way through to tell some girl on a cell phone to hang up or get out. She left with the rest of the audience applauding.