Monday, December 29, 2008

Interpol Live Barcelona April 23rd 2003

Interpol Live Barcelona April 23rd 2003

Sound quality is 'B'.

Mp3 audio source: bootleg cdr

Covers created by someone unknown to me, i added text and some minor altercations these are scans I lost the original .psd files in a pc crash, thanx to whoever the original photographer was.

01 Untitled
02 Say Hello To the Angels
03 Stella Was A Diver
04 Length Of Love
05 Leif Erikson
06 Hands Away
07 NYC
08 PDA
09 Narc
10 Obstacle 2
11 Roland
12 Obstacle 1

1 comment:

Pedro Martins said...

Good Interpol collection you have here!!
Thanks for posting this.

I'm a Interpol fan, and I noticed that in this show the last song is "Obstacle 1", but when I hear the whole show, the two last songs are the same, they are repeated. Maybe you didn't upload "obstacle 1".
If you could upload the rest of the show I'll be grateful.