Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Model Army Live Park Pop 1989

New Model Army Live Park Pop 1989

Sound quality is 'A'. the volume is low but it's a clean boot

This show is incomplete.

Mp3 audio source: Morton -> mp3

Covers created by me, thanx to whoever the original photographer was.

01 225
02 Stupid Questions
03 Smalltown England
04 Vagabonds
05 Poison Street
06 Ballad


Anonymous said...

I love you this band (my favorite),
very thanks for the posts.
You have a friend in Brazil (São Paulo), long live S.O.Ghosts.

John Liedown said...

As a massive NMA fan thanks for all these bootlegs. Many I havent got. Brillant stuff. Consider yourself linked.

yob_tva said...

may just need to leave the house this morning and buy some more discs. i think my brother might be getting a big box set of new model army for xmas.choa

louissyfer said...

john, you have been linked in return

louissyfer said...

yob_tva, tell your brother to enjoy!

louissyfer said...

Fabio, my pleasure and if I'm not mistaken, see you on the forum

Longy said...

I'm gobsmacked! I only need about 25 of these boots. NMA heaven! Thanks John for the tip and a massive thanks to louissyfer for posting all this wonderful wonderful stuff. I'm linking you too if thats okay. Nothing Touches.....

louissyfer said...

Longy, sounds good, linking in return, thanx

a few Justin & Friends live in a day or 2 and 2 RSC coming up too