Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Public Image Ltd. Studio Rehearsals 1981 - 1983

Public Image Ltd. Studio Rehearsals 1981 - 1983

Sound quality is 'A'.

Info below from the original file, theres more info in it but its all mixed in with garbled ASCII bullsheet, I'm pretty sure I got the nuts and bolts.

Seems these sessions are from rehearsals for the Commercial Zone lp that was shelved and turned into This Is What You Want.

Info below from source:

"Notes: two offer up some interesting unreleased material from what appears to be two separate events. A series of incomplete tracks, possible roughs or demos, assumed to be from Park South Studios in N.Y.C. in prep for the imploding "Commercial Zone" LP. On the other reel we have a tour rehearsal or soundcheck, also undated (82 or 83) and apparently uncirculated. Many Thanks to JJL69, spunk01, and powow for helping identify this material. The ? in the lineage is, as best as could be described, supposed 10" Reel to Reel > Cassette > Cassette, mine being the 2nd gen. No lineage on the reel 2 reel, but close to the original source. The story as told to me is: the UK arm of the American record company that Public Image recorded for had some reels hand delivered from the UK to America sometime in 1983. During that process, the reels were dubbed to cassette, and those were the cassettes that I made copies of (so my 2nd gen tape to you). The reels we could assume to be at least 2nd gen, but thats only a guess. I am unaware if these shows have ever been traded before."

Mp3 audio source: m4a

Covers (single image-itunes/winamp) created by me, thanx original photographer.

101 the Slab
102 Unknown Song
103 Unknown Song
104 Bad Night (rough version)
105 Unknown Song
106 Unknown Song
107 Bad Night (disco version)
108 Unknown Song
109 Unknown Song
110 Unknown Song
111 Flowers of Romance
112 Flowers of Romance
113 Instrumental
201 Unknown
202 Instrumental Jam [based around _Solitaire_]
203 Poptones
204 Flowers Of Romance
205 Instrumental Jam [based around _Solitaire_]
206 Public Image [band stops halfway]
207 Solitaire [band stops again]
208 Low Life [2 attempts at run through]


psycho said...

many thanks for all the great pil stuff. i'm only having 1 problem with this it keeps saying no data on server at mediafire any help??

louissyfer said...

I checked some of the others post and they are all working fine.

I check my mediafire account and this has been downloaded 43 times so far so it works.

I think they are having some server issues.

I did re do the link but got them same error. it does state that its a server issue on their end.

I guess try again at a later date

agonist said...

thanks for the pil posts! i am also having the issue with the studio rehearsals file.

i'm looking forward to seeing the "reformed" pil in a couple of weeks. haven't seen them live since john mcgeogh and mike joyce were in the band. talk about a super group! haha...


Anonymous said...

download does not work in firefox or internet explorer, please post as a different download link. thanks.

ADN said...

yeah, not working for me either...but thanks for all the pil uploads! and everything else!

Anonymous said...

Thanx for the live PiL Shows.
However the Studio Rehearsals ,will not download,pop up box says`No data on Server` !
Mediafire working fine elsewhere.

louissyfer said...

It works now.

it does have now 89 dls plus I just dled it twice from 2 different pcs in the house.

I'm not sure what happened on mediafires end with the server this one must be stored on but everyone should be able to access it now.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for Fixing the Link,
Great set of PiL material.

habanero06 said...

Any chance you could upload those rare NMA gigs you once mentionned??

louissyfer said...

sure once i get time to actually rip them from cassette to mp3 and since the home pc crashed about a week ago it keeps getting longer and longer until I can actually get to them.

I did post 2, i was able to rip the 2 shows for the original owner of the tapes requested, i believe they are the most recent NMA ones.

Anonymous said...

many thanks mate
do you have paris,le palace the 2 nights?

cheers mate ;)

Simon said...

I found just now this very interesting material, of which I thank you. Unfortunately the link says that the file has been deleted, Can you fix it? Thanks