Monday, April 27, 2009

UK Subs Live In Zagreb Croatia Feb 09th 1993

UK Subs Live In Zagreb Croatia Feb 09th 1993

Sound quality is 'A'.

Available only on the initial copies of Normal Service Resumed, and (dont let them fool ya) in various forms as a few vinyl bootlegs.

I'm posting this live cd because 1) it's feckin rare, 2) it is booted and 3) it rocks and see 1) again.

I'm not posting cd01, the album Normal Service Resumed, because you can still order it fairly easly.

The UK Subs were be a great band (1979 - 1982) and then the band went through a different line up per album which generally produced lps with a few great songs and the majority just complete shit.

Then they reformed (Charlie, Nicky & Alvin, for me the best line up) all but the drummer, for Killing Time a feckin brilliant lp the best to come to light since Endangered Species.

The same year (if I recall correctly) Charlie did another lp as the UK Subs with a different line up and again it was mostly shit with a few great songs thrown in including Motivator and This Gun Say, think that was all the same line up.

Regardless we can see with all the line up changes in Charlies outfit it's feckin hard to keep track. Don't make any corrections in the comments field I'm just trying to prove a point of how the UK Subs became a revolving door band, and I think to date still are. Is Charlie that hard to work with? Is what I've always wondered.

Now the Urban Dogs were a great outfit Charlie and Alvin did together. Check them out.

Anywhoooooo...... Normal Service Resumed was pretty much just that, an actual lp that was by the majority a good lp. bloody good show mate! Tallyho and all that gov'ner.

I've never seen the UK Subs live because by the time I knew of them (the lp Brand New Age / Diminished Responsibility era) I was pretty much still fairly young, 11 or 12, and had only seen the Clash live at this point (fuckin amazin even to a weee lad).

I never liked the set lists for the Subs and this cd again shows for me a weak set list, theres only a few of my fav UK Subs tracks on here, and it always seemed that way from reports I'd get from others who went.

If I ever knew or find out in the future that Charlie. Nicky and Alvin were going to play as the Subs again I'd go see that, maybe. In reality at this point Charlie is what 66? It might be kinda odd to see a senior citizen belting out rage speed rock, it be, well to quote Bauhaus "watch that grand dad go". Might be a train wreck.

All that being said I wanted to post this recording because the quality is great and the level of intensity of the band and crowd is awesome. Makes for a great listen. This would have been the UK Subs show to see.

So give it a listen.

This is a 2 part post.

Mp3 audio source: factory cd

Covers created by me (the front cover, thanx to org phototakerperson) and the tray inlay and cd by someone over at Fallout Jungle Records.

01 Emotional Blackmail
02 Endangered Species
03 Fear Of Girls
04 You Dont Belong
05 Kicks
06 Young Criminals
07 Rat Race
08 Another Cuba
09 Lydia
10 Scum Of the Earth
11 Telephone Number
12 SK8 Tough
13 Warhead
14 Left For Dead
15 Rockers
16 Limo Life
17 Crash Course
18 Brixton
19 All I Wanna Know
20 Not Listening
21 Stranglehold
22 C.I.D.
23 Tomorrows Girls
24 Party In Zagreb
25 I Robot
26 New York State Police



Monday, April 13, 2009

Ruby Throat Live At Bush Hall 2008

Rubythroat Live At Bush Hall 2008

Sound quality is 'A'ish'. Feck it's KatieJane, I can hear her making it an A. I guess it's prob more like a B.

Pretty sure this show comes from hannah daisy, I asked her if it was her rip, it had been so long since I got it that I couldn't recall who. and she wasn't 100% but no one else in the community I know of that shares Rubythroat live stuff claimed it. So I'm going with hannah co im 99% sure it came from her.

Not the complete show, if anyone has it please get in touch and share. If anyone has any Rubythroat live set esp those from the States please get in touch.

Rubythroat recently came to my country and did a west and eat coast tour, times being what they are I wasn't able toafford to go and see them, if they're reading this please next time come to Chicago. I'm still bummed out I wasn't able to get to the west coast shows.

Bear Baiting was a demo sent out to those on the email list a while back, thought it be nice to share here with anyone paying attention who might have missed it.

Mp3 audio source: mp3 -> hannah daisy

Covers (single image-itunes/winamp) created by me, thanx to robert gil the original photographer.

01 the Swan & the Minotaur
02 House Of Thieves
03 Pretty Polly
04 Dear Daniel...
05 Bear Baiting (Demo)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Chicago Ultrarunners Gordon Pirie -Book- Running Fast and Injury Free

Not to scare the regular readers out there, this isn't a music post but a running post. This is for my friends at Chicago Ultrarunners.

It's a book that Gordon Pirie worked on to help fellow runners become stronger and better at our passion. I won't say I agree with everything he says but thats not what its all about.

It is a great and quick read.

It was published in 1996 & 2004 by Dr John S. Gilbody after Gordons passing. It is a free book so no worries about copy write issues.

To download just click on t he link, it'll open in a new window and select "click here to start download"

Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Model Army Roly Demos & Once We Were Warriors Demos

New Model Army Roly Demos & Once We Were Warriors Demos

Sound quality is 'A'.

These are the Roly Demos, a set of various instrumental demos that have been floating around in various sources complied by someone who wanted all the instrumentals in one cd. Some are the same version on my Shot Between the Eyes 3 volume set posted earlier.

Once We Were Warriors is a full set but I edited many out due to 75% being the same as the Shot Between the Eyes sets that I just didn;t see the point of reposting them all. So I added the unissued ones to the Roly set.

Roly Demo set has been some what of a sought after set so I left it unedited.

Track 15 - No Rest, is the missing track from the Radio Sessions album, why it didn't get included on the lp is unknown to me.

Tracks 14 - 17 are from the Once We Were Warriors set. If you want the full set dl my Shot Between the Eyes sets or go to the NMA forum and look in trades, thats where Ian posted it.

Mp3 audio source: mp3 -> ian mcdonnell

2 part post

Covers (single image-itunes/winamp) created by, the phot was taken by Joolz, I did the image treatment and typesetting.

01 24 Hours (instrumental demo)
02 Roly (instrumental demo)
03 Crash (instrumental demo)
04 Whirlwind (instrumental demo)
05 Ballad Of Bodmin Pill (instrumental demo)
06 225 (instrumental demo)
07 Archway Towers (instrumental demo)
08 Waiting (instrumental demo)
09 I Wish (instrumental demo)
10 Tension (instrumental demo)
11 Coasters (instrumental demo)
12 Christian Militia (demo)
13 Lights go out (instrumental demo)
14 No Mans Land (demo)
15 No Rest (missing track from radio sessions)
16 the Dam (instrumental demo)
17 Whirlwind (demo)



New Model Army Live Temple Bar Music Center Dublin Feb 25th 2000

New Model Army Live Temple Bar Music Center Dublin Feb 25th 2000

Sound quality is 'A'.

This has a different version of Notice Me on it, more straight ahead rock and less old school NMA sounding. Some people dig it, I think its ok, I do like but think it's crap compared to the original version, but it's still good. It can be found on other boots, I can't recall which ones exactly.

Mp3 audio source: mp3 -> ian mcdonnell

2 part post

Covers (single image-itunes/winamp) created by Joolz, image manipulation and type setting by me

01 R & R
02 Long Goodbye
03 Notice Me (Version 2)
04 Believe it
05 Over the Wire
06 You Werent There
07 Wonderful Way To Go
08 Lights Go Out
09 Orange Tree Roads
10 Here Comes the War
11 No Pain
12 Flying Through the Smoke
13 Get Me Out
14 Stranger
15 Impurity
16 I Love the World
17 Paekakariki Beach
18 Fate
19 Vengeance
20 No Rest
21 Green & Grey



Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Model Army the Curse Demos

New Model Army the Curse Demos

Sound quality is 'A'.

I have these demos from 2 sources, one from an old trader on a cd and one from Ian. Ian posted his recently at the old NMA forum so we're uploading his in the mp3 format he posted them in. My cd doesnt have the 2 live tracks on it so we get bonus tracks also thanx to ian. Gawd how we love that wonderful Celt!

Never been clear on when some of these demos were done, they're heavy on the Impurity period with hints of the Love Of Hopeless Causes period also.

The original cd source I have also had no info pertaining to all the track info and no real artwork. So as per the cover info below I finally made something for it. If anyone has the complete info, session dates, the studios and all that please let me know.

Nonetheless this is a great set of demos.

Mp3 audio source: mp3 -> ian mcdonnell

2 part post

Covers (single image-itunes/winamp) created by, do believe the photo is by Joolz, at least its in my NMA photo file folder and all her website stuff I saved is in there and it is labeled "blog", so I think it is her's. I did the image treatment and typesetting.

01 Before I Get Old (Demo)
02 Prison (Demo - Working Title 'Guilt')
03 Eleven Years (Demo)
04 Gatlin (Instrumental Demo)
05 Lurhstaap (Demo)
06 Curse (Demo)
07 Forgiven (Instrumental Demo)
08 Ballad 2 (Demo)
09 Get Me Out (Demo)
10 Sleepwalking (Demo - Working Title 'Banished')
11 Space (Live At Manchester oct 27th 1990)
12 Purity (Live At Manchester oct 27th 1990)
13 Innocence (Live At Manchester oct 27th 1990)
14 Marrakesh (Recorded At The Sawmills Studio)



New Model Army Live Warsaw Nov 11th 2008 Antyradio Poland

New Model Army Live Warsaw Nov 11th 2008 Antyradio Poland

Sound quality is 'A'.

This is the 2nd set, from what I understand is there where 2 sets played but the radio station only aired the 2nd set, I also understand it was aired twice so maybe on the other airing both sets were played? Unfortunately none of the new songs from the forth coming lp made it to this set.

If anyone has the 1st set please send it over and I'll host it here.

Thanx to Patrice for sharing this set with us, 1st posted on the NMA forum.

Mp3 audio source: mp3 -> Patrice

Covers (single image-itunes/winamp) created by Antyradio Poland, type setting by me, oh its all so difficult

01 Ocean Rising
02 Purity
03 One Of the Chosen
04 Vagabonds
05 No Rest
06 Wired
07 Wonderful Way To Go
08 the Hunt
09 Poison Street
10 Green & Grey

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

the Timeout Drawer Dusty Planes And Daydreams Of Adventure

the Timeout Drawer

Sound quality is 'A'.

You really need to be listening to this band. You really need to be listening to this band.

The Timeout Drawer were a great Chicago band, if you like Mogwai and or the Album Leaf then I can't recommend this band enough. If you like post rock and low fi then I can't recommend this band enough.

Chicago and it's surrounding metro has given birth to many great bands and it's generally considered that Naked Raygun are Chicago's finest, and rightfully so. Since them many have come and gone who are also great but there is only one other band that I would hang the medal of Chicago's finest around and that is the Timeout Drawer.

I'm no Timeout Drawer historian but in 2006 was their last recorded output and sometime in 2008 the members of the Timeout Drawer decided to start recording / preforming again under the name Beak, which is a more post metal outfit. There are a few tracks on myspace (acck hate myspace & facebook) and I've not been able to really get into them like the I did the older material. Which for me sux because I would love to be able to add more of their sound to my collection.

I don't generally post bands studio recordings and with permission of Chris Eichenseer (the drummer) I'm posting a compilation of tracks from their various releases. The comp is heavy on the album A Difficult Future from 2001 due to it being one of my favorite lps of all time.

If anyone has any live recordings of session tapes they'd like to share let me know, I'd gladly host them here on the blog.

The record company owned by Chris Eichenseer (and maybe a few others i don't know) that distribute the Timeout Drawers and other great bands cds & vinyl:

someoddpilot records

the old Timeout Drawer web presence

Beaks myspace rover

Chris also runs a design company, which has some pretty awesome work on it, I should know I work for a marketing / design company myself. To see that its here:


Mp3 audio source: factory cds

Cover photo image is a promo bio/ press pack from the Timeout Drawer, it was hosted along with others on a website I have since forgotten, photo taken by someone unknown to me.
There are other photos of the band from this period / photographer (both?) on the site that were equaling interesting. I did the type setting, which isn't hard.

01 Lull (Record Of Small Histories 1999)
02 300 Years 100 Pages (A Difficult Future 2001)
03 Dusty Planes & Daydreams Of Adventure (A Difficult Future 2001)
04 Finding A Place In the Sun (A Difficult Future 2001)
05 His Sailing Days Are Over But He Cant Forget the Sea (A Difficult Future 2001)
06 the End Of Every Movie (A Difficult Future 2001)
07 the Gift Theyd Pick If the Choice Were Theirs (A Difficult Future 2001)
08 Domestic Lives Of Computers (Evil Against Evil the Kids In the Neighborhood Grab Their Bats & Remix Abrasive Stuttering 2002)
09 Terrible Secrets Revealed For An Instant By A Flash Of Lightning (Presents Left For the
Living Dead EP 2003)
10 Bursting With Tears I Commit to Destroying You (Nowonmai 2005)
11 Women & Children Line the Rocky Shore (Alone EP 2006)