Friday, May 7, 2010

New Model Army Live Marquee London June 20th 1984

New Model Army Live Marquee London June 20th 1984

Sound quality is 'A', well this depends on what you're looking for, if you want to hear Stuarts bass it's a friggin A+ if you want to hear Justin singing or Rob dummin' its a C. It's kinda like a Stuart Morrow show with minor accompaniment by Justin and Rob. Mind you thats not what it's supposed to be but that's how it was recorded, I doubt on purpose.

I did this tape because it was supposed to have a 1982 demo session on it that included Waiting, Tension, Dreaming and I Wish, it turns out that it was an excerpt from Keighley Funhouse 1981, which is posted here.

I was pretty excited to be able to have another version of Dream/ing.

The tape also included this live show.

Now if like me the main thing that really got you going about NMA way back was Stuarts playing then this show will make you pretty happy (see above) but it does remind us that Stuart liked to do some over dubbing, as any live Stuart ear show would teach, so we don't get all the goodies of the bass lines nor do we get Justin's guitar, almost a baritone guitar style of playing on this set because of how it was recorded.

There is also some wizz bang breathing heavy into a mic that this recording is feeding off of.

The limitation with capping from cassette and not a mutli channel recording is well crap like that, at first I thought it was the original taper or maybe Justin or Stuarts mics but I don't think it is, it's not always present and when it is only between songs.

I tried to really remix this but I'm not engineer genius, most of my studio exp comes from me being recorded and going into the mixing room and getting my hand slapped for touching knobs. Whats this do? .... heh ...

I do know a lil bit and multi source mixed into 2 channels is a pain to edit. I eventually decided to do hiss and noise reduction and leave the huffer alone.

I also tried to get Justin's voice a bit more clear but it was really at the expense at the depth of the bass so I dropped that idea and Robs drumming and Justin's guitar is pretty much unchangeable.

So having really enjoyed the bass show I opted to just clean up the noise and leave it pretty much alone.

Aside from that great track listing before No Rest For the Wicked album was issued show casing what seems to be the tracks from that album that must have been already fully written.

So for all paying attention, here's one more cassette done. <;-)

Mp3 audio source: cassette (thanx Raf)

Covers (single image-itunes/winamp) created by me, thanx original photographer.

01 Christian Militia
02 Notice Me
03 No Greater Love
04 Lib Ed / Bittersweet
05 the Price
06 Sex
07 No Mans Land
08 Running In the Rain
09 Ambition (Justin Solo)
10 Grandmothers Footsteps
11 Young Gifted & Skint
12 Spirit Of the Falklands
13 Smalltown England
14 Vengeance
15 Crowd / Betcha