Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Getting The Fear Live At Polytechnic March 7th 1984

Getting The Fear Live At Polytechnic March 7th 1984

Sound quality is 'B'.

Right, ok, so the move is over and I'm getting a post up here. After this will be some Into A Circle, a band I still cant seem to be able to get into but mentioned elsewhere I'd post the shows so will do. After that will be some Southern Death Cult shows thanx to a generous person.

Most of the stuff that I want to post that are going to be my rips in the near future will be sourced from cassette and vinyl so while I try to get them going (between projects for the house and enjoying my vinyl collection in my "man cave" finally) I'll be posting the above and a few more New Model Army shows I recently received on mp3.

Getting the Fear. Finally after all these years I've been able to get to hear them, we'll let's just say they weren't no Southern Death Cult.

This show we still hear the band with some of the SDC melodies and structures in place, but the new singer "Bee" sorta kills it with his Kajagoogoo style of singing and the band just don't seem to be able to really keep up the SDC vibe without the man who obviously drove the bust, Ian Astbury, not that they should still be SDC, that would have be, impossible, but I thought that the band would still bring that special spark to the table that they had as SDC, to my ears they didn't. Still good, esp this show but just missing that originality and passion and freedom that was SDC. For me at least.

Getting the Fear wiki data:
"Getting the Fear were an English band of the 1980s. Its members were Barry (Jepson), Buzz (David Burrows), Aki Nawaz (Haq Quershi), and Bee (Paul Hampshire). The band was formed largely of former members of Southern Death Cult, with the exception of the singer Bee who replaced Ian Astbury on vocals.

After the band dissolved, Bee and Barry went on to form Into A Circle, another 1980s band. Aki and Buzz formed a band called ('Joy') which played few gigs in the early 80's, one being at London Zoo ( club night was called ' Zoo ') though this partnership was short lived. Bee later moved to Thailand and joined the electro-rock band FUTON alongside Simon Gilbert from Suede. Barry became a tour manager for bands in the UK. Aki went on to form the political Islamic hip-hop group Fun-Da-Mental and to create the label Nation Records. Buzz moved to the south of France and became an antiques dealer."

I had known most of this through getting bits and pieces of info on Into A Circle but never know Buzz went to France to be an antiques dealer.

Mp3 audio source: mp3 from band member

Covers (single image-itunes/winamp) edited by me, the image is the front cover of We Struggle 7 & 12in.

01 Allah Ahkbar
02 Death Is Bigger
03 Fatal Date )
04 Spirit Of Youth
05 Getting the Fear
06 Dune Buggy Attack
07 Wish I Was Dreaming
08 Swell
09 Against the Wind
10 Last Salute
11 Before I Hang
12 Getting the Fear
13 Death Is Bigger


Monday, October 19, 2009

Getting the Fear Live At Embassy Club April 20th 1985

Getting the Fear Live At Embassy Club April 20th 1985

Sound quality is 'B'. This recording has a couple spots that are 'A' and also 'C', but over all a 'B'.

I like the 1984 show, reminds of Southern Death Cult in a way but lacking the brilliance. Of course no Ian who I'm sure contributed to the over all "positive punk" sound of SDCs music.

This recording shows the period where Getting the Fear were moving into 'Into A Circle' which is a sound I don't care for. if you liked Into A Circle you'll dig this.

Mp3 audio source: mp3 from one of the band members.

Covers (single image-itunes/winamp) edited by me, image from back cover of 7in 'We Struggle'.

01 Sometimes
02 Death Is Bigger
03 Swell
04 Yurune
05 We Struggle
06 Against the Wind
07 Spirit Of Youth
08 Rise