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Public Image Ltd. Live American Bandstand May 3rd 1980

Public Image Ltd. Live American Bandstand May 3rd 1980

Sound quality is 'C+/B-'.

Honestly I was 10 and I saw this on the TV, it like the Clash that year burned an image in my mind that has never left of freedom and 'punk' (for lack of a better word though the word is a bit of an inslut) rock energy that has at times in my life made me a prisoner and at times filled me with the only permenat family I've ever known, sound.

It was lost on my young self that year how insane it was that Public Image Ltd. was on American Bandstand.

My fahter was a Vietnam Vet hippy motherfucker who raised me without TV until sometime around 8 years old, nothing but music in the house, both instruments and records. Out in the country and my mother working for a radio station with a few "punk" friends who started to expose my lil ass to a movement and sound that would change my life (better or worse is arguable).

Shit I had heard Public Image Ltd thanx to Margie, she exposed me to "First Issue" for my birthday along with a host of others.

I never watched American Bandstand, it wasnt a cartoon or a war movie and I knew that it was pop culture crap (thanx dad) but this new band I was recently exposed to and liked was going to be on ... so my dad and I watched it ....

I had pretty much all but forgot about it in the grand scheme of life until I came acrossed this recording ....

Now I can understand how insane it was for Public Image Ltd. to be on American Bandstand. Kinda lime when FEAR was on Saturday Night Live thanx to one cool ass motherfucker named John Belushi. Now that was a show.

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