Tuesday, February 2, 2010

the Replacements Maniac (Live 1986)

the Replacements Maniac (Live 1986)

Sound quality is 'A / B+'. Various sources but all solid.

Nice set here too.

We have the Maxwells show and the sound check, which is pretty cool, always nice to get some sound check in, I've found that they at times actually have better sound quality then the actual show. Due to a variety of reasons all which depend on the depends.

Along with that is the Saturday Night Live appearance from 1986 and a session at VPRO Radio in Holland and a random live track from the same year.

Niffty like Jiffy.

Info below from my source who was nice enough to share (same source as the 1983 show)

"All of Disc One and Disc Two Tracks 1-9 recorded live at Maxwell's, Hoboken, 2/4/86
Disc Two Tracks 10-13 recorded at Maxwell's soundcheck, earlier in the day on 2/4/86
Disc Two Tracks 14-15 live on Saturday Night Live, 1/18/86
Disc Two Tracks 16-18 live at VPRO radio station studio, the Netherlands, 5/21/86
Disc Two Track 19 live on The Old Grey Whistle Test, 5/86

SOUND QUALITY: The Maxwell's show (all of Disc One and
Disc Two tracks 1-9) is a stereo soundboard recording, and rates a 7 on a 1-10 scale.
The rest of the tracks are mono soundboard recordings... the SNL tracks rate a 7,
and the rest rate a 6. "

2 Part Post, part 1 id cd 1 and part 2 is cd 2 for anyone whos interested.

Mp3 audio source: cd

Covers (single image-itunes/winamp) created by org bootlegger.

01 Hayday
02 Color Me Impressed
03 Dose Of Thunder
04 Fox On the Run
05 Hold My Life
06 I Will Dare
07 My Favorite Thing
08 Unsatisfied
09 Cant Hardly Wait
10 Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out
11 Taking A Ride
12 Bastards Of Young
13 Kiss Me On the Bus
14 Black Diamond
15 Johnnys Gonna Die
16 Otto
17 Im In Trouble
18 Left Of the Dial
19 Goddamn Job
20 Answering Maching

01 Waitress In the Sky
02 Take Me Down To the Hospital
03 Garys Got A Boner
04 If Only You Were Lonely
05 Baby Strange
06 Hitchin A Ride
07 Nowhere Man
08 Go
09 Fuck School
10 Hayday
11 Bastards Of Young
12 Thatll Be the Day
13 Color Me Impressed
14 Bastards Of Young
15 Kiss Me On the Bus
16 IOU
17 Bastards Of Young
18 Kiss Me On the Bus




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you are a GOD...thank you

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Thanks so much!

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Thanks So Much!

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Unknown said...

Hey thanks so much for this live album, i love this band, greats from PerĂº :)

Unknown said...

Hey thanks so much for this live album, i love this band, see you, greets from PerĂº :)

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Is it possible to reupload this??? Thanks!

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