Thursday, February 4, 2010

Corps Electriques Symphony Of Ghosts Alternate Mix

Corps Electriques Symphony Of Ghosts Alternate Mix

Sound quality is 'A'.

This is an alternate mix of the song that was sent out by KatieJane Garside's fan list service through email.

You got a link for the track and an explanation that this is KatieJane's perfered mix of the song that didn't find its way on to the album.

I still have the email in my inbox but, as obsessed as I am with KatieJane I'm not going to root through it all to get the exact text, though to be honest the more I think about it the better the idea sounds.

But I've not all the time in the world.

If you see this KatieJane, you are loved.

And to any KatieJane, Queen Adreena, Daisy Chainsaw fans out there I still have 3 Daisy Chainsaw live sets to get up here, though that may become 2 because one sounds like complete shit if I recall proper and I might not be able to clean it up enough and thanx to a fellow KatieJane obsessed person 5 or 7 more live Queen Adreena shows to do, though a few are dvd and it may be a bit before I get them done.

Plus I have like 20+ NMA tapes from the nice man in France to finish up.

Right now the hdd is loaded up with Public Image Ltd and Radiohead shows.

Plenty coming down the pipe line. I need more hours in the day.

Mp3 audio source: mp3

Covers (single image-itunes/winamp) thanx robert gil photographer.

Symphony Of Ghosts Alternate Mix

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