Saturday, February 6, 2010

Janes Addiction Live Cabaret Metro Chicago November 25th 1988

Janes Addiction Live Cabaret Metro Chicago November 25th 1988

Sound quality is 'B'.

a few hits of lsd and some Janes, made for a nice night.

the legends of Janes Addiction had been circling through my circle of friends for a few years before I really got to hear them. Tales from mates who got to see them while in Kali made us all hungry to see and hear them.

I was tripping out and after the Fields of the Nephilim tape was over I put in the just bought cassette of Nothings Shocking, fuuuuuuck by the time the 1st 2 songs on that tape had passed I was very into these guys.

After side 2 I played the Cults Love Removal Machine cassette maxi, 1st up was Wolf Childs Blues to follow the amazin Janes shit I had just heard.

It was a very nice sonic afternoon traveling down the country roads, a passenger in control of the sonic vibage.

Mp3 audio source: mp3

Covers (single image-itunes/winamp) created by me, thanx original photographer.

01 Kettle Whistle
02 Obvious
03 Whores
04 Idiots Rule
05 Bobhaus / Pigs In Zen
06 Ted Just Admit It
07 Standing In the Shower
08 Had A Dad
09 I Would For You
10 Ocean Size
11 Trip Away
12 Mountain Song
13 Chip Away


bob said...

i had one chance to see them and i blew it. thanks for the show.

denalifc said...


Saw JA once at Aragon with Mr Rollins opening. Brill gig despite Aragon rep for sound.

Seen FotN more than once!!

convertido said...

Thanks for this post. I saw them earlier during 1988 when they opened for Iggy Pop in Dallas, TX. I had no clue whe they were prior to their playing. I was there to see Iggy, but Janes Addition left a hell of impression on me. I do not remember much othe than they thought they were in Houston and the singer tried to kick me in the face. Well, that is probably a little paranoid. He decided to jump off the stage feet first and one of his boots missed my head by inches.

Justin Toxicated said...

Jane's is one of the best live bands ever! Saw them twice in 91 and twice more on reunion/relapse tours. If the hot goth chicks screaming "Sex is Violent" don't get get ya, the acid probably did! will! did!will!diwil!diwoi!dlwio!...

jimmy9toes said...

This is my favorite Jane's Addiction show of all time. In fact, I can't think of ANYTHING even close to the intensity of this show.