Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Model Army the Rose (Demos)

New Model Army the Rose (Demos)

Sound Quality is 'Various depending on source and session'.

Patrice from the NMA forums hooked me up with this set.

Although I'm pretty sure the time period for each track I can't name the various sessions and dates, so I won't even start to guess.

Mp3 audio source: mp3 thanx to Patrice

Cover (winamp / itunes) by: Joolz, text editor me. I took this off the NMA website, its the tshirt and edited another photo behind it, I thought using the NMA Rose tshirt was a fitting image to use for this set.

01 Brave New World
02 Far Better Thing
03 Young Gifted & Skint
04 Billy
05 Poison Street
06 Ballad 2
07 Family
08 Instrumental
09 Living In the Rose
10 Lust For Power
11 No Greater Love
12 the Price
13 Vanity
14 Whirlwind
15 Theres A Ghost In My House (Live)


louissyfer said...

linkage fixed

louissyfer said...

Zip file fixed, rezipped, and dl'ed by me, tested and all track not extract without any corruption.