Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Model Army Live At RadioRadio Indianapolis April 23rd 2004

New Model Army Live At RadioRadio Indianapolis April 23rd 2004

Sound Quality 'A'.

I thought I had posted this show already but I can't find it so here it is, if it's up here twice then I'll clean it up when I re organize the NMA shows by year and NMA to make it a bit easier to navigate.

Mp3 audio source: mp3

Cover (winamp / itunes) by: me, original art by Joolz. I know 2004 and 2009 are 5 years apart but I liked how the 2 images blended together, plus anytime NMA plays live the Today Is A Good Day for that day <;-)

01 All Consuming Fire
02 Aimless Desire
03 Stoned Fired & Full Of Grace
04 Trees In Winter
05 Heroes
06 Lights Go Out
07 Long Goodbye
08 Twilight Home
09 Ocean Rising
10 Masters Of War
11 You Werent There
12 Drummy B
13 Modern Times
14 If You Cant Save Me
15 Ballad Of Bodmin Pill
16 All Of This
17 Here Comes the War
18 51st State
19 Inheritance
20 Snelsmore Wood


Anonymous said...

Hi there, thanks for this, but the link does not work :-(

Anonymous said...

my bad, it's the link one further down that doesn't work -The Rose (Demos)...

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for posting all of these. Since you were wondering, you have posted this one before. It's under JS&F, maybe that why you missed it:

Great gig. thanks again

louissyfer said...


thanx I knew it and that is why I missed it ..

sometimes my brain cells don't gel too well ...

damn CRS ..

Anonymous said...

Excellent! Thank you for all these!
By the way, the date on this one has to be wrong as it cannot be 2004, is it 2010 last April by any chance?
All the best!