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Into A Circle Live Fulham Greyhound Oct 26th 1989

Into A Circle Live Fulham Greyhound Oct 26th 1989

Sound quality is 'B+'. Again sounds like a solid 80s radio broad cast.

Into A Circle, who were Getting the Fear with were the Southern Death Cult, for me just seem to loose greatness with every evolution of the band.

Granted by the time they became Into A Circle the only member in the band from the Southern Death Cult days was Barry Jepson. In fact Into A Circle one comprised of Bee and Barry from Getting the Fear.

If this band had never been the Southern Death Cult I would have never expect so much from them and in turn probably would have liked them more (esp Getting the Fear), even though the singer reminds me of someone who should be fronting a band like Kajagoogoo, and that aint a compliment in my book.

Like Ian (front man for them Southern Death Cult/Death Cult/Cult) Bee also liked to use various mythology in his writing but instead of a strong Native American influence like Ian, Bee was more prone to the mythos of the Middle East, and it did make for some interesting stories.

I f you were into the Southern Death Cult then Getting the Fear & Into A Circle are worth a listen.

Mp3 audio source: mp3 from one of the band members.

Covers (single image-itunes/winamp) created by me, thanx original photographer.

01 Take Control
02 Intellectual
03 My Little Pony
04 Drunk Stupid
05 Yurune
06 Swell
07 Sometimes
08 Seraphin Twin
09 My Little Pony

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