Sunday, February 1, 2009

Liz Phair Comeandgetit (Full Unissued Extended Version)

Liz Phair Comeandgetit (Full Version)

Sound quality is 'A'.

Download only bonus form the Liz Phair cd but this the "full version", including proposed tracks and one's unissued. 5 of the tracks found here were not included in the download.

Two tracks Carnivore & Raw Version made it to a vinyl release, it's a 7in I own and is from 1993 on Mint Records, so I don't know if Liz wanted to reissue them in this download bonus and the record company rejected the idea or not.

The Carnivore tracks and the Comeandgetit ep were interestingly enough 10 years apart.

Mp3 audio source: silver cd

Covers created by the record label.

01 Greased Lightening (Unissued)
02 Jeremy Engle
03 Bouncers Conversation
04 Fine Again
05 Hurricane Cindy
06 Shallow Opportunities
07 Carnivore
08 Cant Get Out Of What Im Into (New Version)
09 Hurricane Cindy (Unissued Original Mix)
10 Carnivore (Raw Version)


lupinsmoon12391 said...

Thanks! I had the 5 official tracks from the download, but not the others. :)

Anonymous said...

Tracks 6-10 in this download have nothing to do with the comeandgetit EP, and I have no idea why anyone would have included them.

Adam Wolkoff said...

Any chance the source can be reposted?

Xesüs McYves said...

Any chance the source can be reposted? x2 I truly, really need this album :(