Sunday, February 1, 2009

Liz Phair Studio Recordings 1996 - 1997

Liz Phair Studio Recordings 1996 - 1997

Sound quality is 'A/B' depending.

Great set of demos post indie Liz leading up to the Whitechocolate lp major label Liz, if you enjoy Liz's work back then you should enjoy this almost as much as the Girly Sound tapes.

Almost all of the Exile Demos are also on here, not sure if they're different versions or not.

Mp3 audio source: silver cd

2 part post.

Cover created by me though the original cd art produced for this is different, I didn't scan it so I made this for your use. The cd is a 2 cd set and includes other Liz stuff
and I decided to break up the cd set and include this cd seperate.

01 Oh My God (Studio Recording 1996)
02 Headache (Studio Recording 1996)
03 Desperado Theme (Studio Recording 1996)
04 Ride (Studio Recording 1996)
05 Hurricane Cindy (Studio Recording 1996)
06 Rocket Boy (Studio Recording 1996)
07 Perfect World (Studio Recording 1996)
08 Fantasize (Studio Recording 1996)
09 Russian Girl (Studio Recording 1996)
10 Stuck On An Island (Studio Recording 1996)
11 Tell Me You Like Me (Studio Recording 1996)
12 Girls Room (Studio Recording 1996)
13 Im Like That (Studio Recording 1996)
14 Waiting For the Bird (Studio Recording 1996)
15 Freak Of Nature (Studio Recording 1996)
16 Whitechocolatespaceegg (Early Version) (Studio Recording 1997)
17 Big Tall Man (Instrumental) (Studio Recording 1997)
18 Tell Me You Like Me (Alt Version) (Studio Recording 1997)
19 What Makes You Happy (Rough Mix) (Studio Recording 1997)
20 Bars Of the Bed (Studio Recording 1997)
21 Blood Keeper (Studio Recording 1997)
22 What Makes You Happy (Alt Version) (Studio Recording 1997)
23 Big Tall Man (Alt Version) (Studio Recording 1997)
24 Johnny Feelgood (Rough Mix) (Studio Recording 1997)
25 What Makes You Happy (Mix 2) (Studio Recording 1997)




allan said...

love all these demos, but part 1 comes up as an invalid link.

part 2 was fine. thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Any chance of fixing pt. 1?

Anonymous said...

Yes, thank you for sharing all of these great songs. And as was stated, any chance of re-uploading part 1?

Chicken Nugget said...

Please could you reupload this