Friday, February 13, 2009

John Foxx Endlessly (the Rarities)

John Foxx Endlessly (the Rarities)

Sound quality is 'A'.

Not too sure how much these tracks rate as 'rarities' anymore seeing as how many have found their way onto reissues in recent years.

I've enjoyed Foxx's music since Ultravox, I bought a vinyl press of Metamatic in like 1983 and have bought 3 different cd reissues of the lp since. Foxx hit a dancey period
mid 80s that I didn't care for and then left music for a while.

He came back in 1997 with 2 stunning lps, Cathedral Oceans an ambient work that rates nicely and Shifting City which to me was/is an excellent album. He continues on to date issuing a few lp recently in late 08 that I've yet to find the cash to pick up.

Mp3 audio source: silver cd (bootleg)

Covers created by whoever did the bootleg.

01 Musique D'Ameublement
02 Young Love
03 A Long Time
04 Swimmer 1
05 Young Man
06 Endlessly (Original Version)
07 My Face (Smash Hits Flexi)
08 Swimmer 2
09 What Kind Of Love (Single Mix)
10 Endlessly (Extended Version)
11 Like A Miracle (Extended Version)
12 Stars On Fire (Extended Version)
13 Enter the Angel (Extended Version)
14 Stairway
15 Glimmer


Anonymous said...

thanks so much for it. i'm a long time john foxx fan and this is absolutely new to me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I have the "Oriental" Endlessly from a 45 picture disc that i just converted to electronic format. THIS will be a nice listen too go with that.

Will said...

As much as I love Foxx's music and saw this Rarities by chance and cant wait to hear it, I really enjoyed the review, it was excellent, from a real Foxx fan, covered his whole career in what 2 short paragraphs, along with some personal asides, thank you! I will add, Quiet Man 3 and 4 and Fog, on the reissue of The Garden are some of Foxx's finest hours, along with Cinemascope, from the Glimmer reissue which is what I was browsing for when I saw this! Tahnks again, Happy New Year's!!

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Vermont,

The Man is one of the best...I'm bound to enjoy this collection !

For those who lie Foxx, but have not heard William Orbit's CD "My Oracle Lives Uptown" - grab it...