Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Simple Minds Bsides & Rare 1977 - 1984

Simple Minds Bsides & Rare 1977 - 1984

Sound quality is 'A'.

Great collection of rare tracks (including the Johnny &the Self Abusers 7in) compilation put out by Simple Minds supporters, you could call it a "fan" club but I feel as a man I can only be a "fan" of a hot woman.

So I tend to refer "fans" as supporters. Being a "fan" is so ... weak.... unless it's a hot babe, then it's all about the sexy.

Mp3 audio source: silver cd, ("fan" club release)

Cover says "1977 - 82" but tracks 13 & 14 are found on 12in singles from 1984 and 86.

Covers created by me Simple Minds "Fan" Club

01 Johnny &the Self Abusers - Saints & Sinners (J&tSB 7in Aside)
02 Johnny &the Self Abusers - Dead Vandals (J&tSA 7in Bside)
03 Special View
04 Garden Of Hate
05 New Warm Skin
06 Kaleidoscope
07 League Of Nations
08 Sound In 70 Cities
09 This Earth You Walk Upon (Instrumental)
10 Seeing Out the Angel (Instrumental Remix)
11 Glittering Prize (Theme) (Extended)
12 Soundtrack For Every Heaven
13 Bass Line
14 Brass Band In Africa (Extended Version)


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Anonymous said...

What about the b´sides 1984-2009? I have almost all but I miss one or two...

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