Friday, February 13, 2009

John Foxx BBC Sessions

John Foxx BBC Sessions

Sound quality is 'A'.

This is a bootleg which unfortunately doesn't tell one squat about the dates, what session, what not.

Quirks ends abruptly but it also did on the live Ultravox 7in and I think that this version is the same as that single.

Mp3 audio source: silver cd (bootleg)

Covers created by whoever did the bootleg.

01 Hiroshima Mon Amour
02 Shadow Of Your Smile
03 Twilight's Last Gleaming
04 Morning Glory
05 In Mysterious Ways
06 Hanging In the Air
07 Music From Video Game
08 Quirks (Abrupt Ending)


lieutenant030 said...

Hi like yr blog! Some info on this:

The first 3 tracks are from the UK BBC Saturday Live radio programme from December 1983 (as marked on my cassette recorded at the time) and the second 3 tracks are from the same BBC programme dated September 1985.

John Foxx did the music for 'Speedball' and 'Gods' video games (amiga/atari) in the early 90s.

Quirks is probably a live recording with Ultravox or from the free 7" with Ha! Ha! Ha!.

John Foxx did another session for Janice long in July 1985 which I have, but is not as good quality as the above as it is an AM radio recording.

Hope this helps, keep up the good work! CC

lieutenant030 said...

Finally met John at his gig in Leeds 2006, he was a genuinely nice guy and had a lot of time for the fans who waited after the show (showing patience to one fan who was stood next to me who kept insisting Brian Eno was cr*p!)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing all of this John Foxx music,have been a fan since first Ultravox! l.p.

Anonymous said...

Years later, thanks for the info on the BBC sessions, much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a reup somewhere please?