Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Simple Minds the Early Years 1977 - 1978

Simple Minds the Early Years 1977 - 1978

Sound quality is 'A'.

Considered by some as the grail of Simple Minds rarities, 2 sets of early studio sessions and Johnny &the Self Abusers added in by me as a bonus.

This cd was is out of print due to an issue with the owners of the sessions, record company and Simple Minds. These sessions are awesome, highly recommended. Tracks 01 - 07 one set tracks 08 - 13 the other, it's a shame they stopped pressing this collection.

Mp3 audio source: silver cd

Covers created by unknown human being

01 18-18
02 Tonight
03 Little Bitch
04 Pablo Picasso
05 Subway Sex
06 Lies
07 Wasteland
08 Act Of Love
09 European Son
10 Cocteau Twins
11 Chelsea Girl
12 Did You Ever
13 Pleasantly Disturbed
14 Saints & Sinners (J&tSB 7in Aside)
15 Dead Vandals (J&tSA 7in Bside)


Renzo Bersano said...

Hey, i added your blog :D

Is really awesome ;D

godd job

louissyfer said...

thanx returning the favor now

The Hairy Hands said...

Great post. I never thought Simple Minds could be a punk band.

Fat Old Punk said...

Oh fantastic I'm a fan from all the early Simple Minds, let's say until "Dont' You".

As for your message in my blog, of course I add yours ;)

louissyfer said...

old Simple Minds was excellent.

FOP is added to the link area, great blog by the way!

Anonymous said...

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Angela D'Onofrio said...

I was really into Simple minds when I was young and when this album first came out. I had this CD! Unfortunately it was lost/destroyed as the years went by and now I am kicking myself for not being as vigilant about preserving it as I should have been.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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