Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Simple Minds Demos 1978 - 1981

Simple Minds Demos 1978 - 1981

Sound quality is 'A'.

Great collection of rare tracks compilation put out by Simple Minds supporters, you could call it a "fan" club but I feel as a man I can only be a "fan" of a hot woman.

So I tend to refer "fans" as supporters. Being a "fan" is so ... weak.... unless it's a hot babe, then it's all about the sexy.

This includes the much sought after King Is White & In the Crowd (Touch Tape Version).

No studio or date info given.

Mp3 audio source: silver cd, ("fan" club release)

Covers created by me Simple Minds "Fan" Club

01 I Travel
02 Celebrate
03 Thirty Frames A Second
04 Twist Run Repulsion
05 Capitol City
06 New Warm Skin
07 Constantinople Line
08 Sweat In Bullet
09 Life In Oils
10 the American
11 Careful In Career
12 Love Song
13 King Is White & In the Crowd (Touch Tape Version)

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mike tate said...

well i was so interested in getting these and guess what they are not even on mediafire....

thanks for such a waste of time