Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Echo &the Bunnymen Bsides & Unreleased

Echo &the Bunnymen Bsides & Unreleased

Sound quality is 'A'.

Mp3 audio source: silver cd (bootleg)

2 part post.

Covers created by whoever did the boot.

01 Monkeys (Original Version)
02 Simple Stuff
03 Broke My Neck
04 Fuel
05 the Subject
06 the Cutter (Version)
07 Way Out & Up We Go
08 Gods Will Be Gods (Alt Version)
09 Angels & Devils
10 Over Your Shoulder
11 Lover I Love You
12 Satisfaction
13 New Direction (Original Version)
14 Ship Of Fools
15 People Are Strange
16 Roller coaster
17 Hurricane
18 In the Midnight Hour




Anonymous said...

Thanks alot man! this is a good one I'm sure. Good luck on your Daisy CHainsaw pursuit as I am thinking this is beyond all!
Viacomclosedmedown on youtube and downunderground social network (

louissyfer said...

well i have 3 daisy chainsaw live shows 2 on cassette and one on vhs, all i have to do is get around encoding them into digital. but it'll be awhile before I get around to them, the tapes are sitting out and well ive not done them yet lol.

Longy said...

Thanks for this one louissyfer. I quite like these bunnies.

McCrank said...

More Bunnymen Please! This is superb!

Anonymous said...


lmccu1 said...

Many many thanks!!